A great number of homeowners nowadays have taken advantage of the efficiency and convenience with which a central heating and air conditioning system allows them to keep their homes comfortable. Far fewer homeowners really understand the way in which this central heating and air conditioning system does so, though. If you are curious about the operation of your central heating system in Washington DC, read through this information from Service Doctors. The air handler in your central heating system is an important component that helps to keep your home comfortable on even the coldest nights of the heating season.

An air handler is in many ways very similar to a furnace. Both handle the circulation and distribution of heated air throughout the entirety of your home. Furnaces and air handlers both depend on an effective system of air ducts in order to distribute this conditioned air.

The main difference between a furnace and an air handler is that a furnace actively creates the heat that it distributes throughout a building. The burner in a furnace, along with a heat exchanger, heat air within and then the blower mechanism in the furnace forces this air into the duct distribution system. An air handler is only responsible for the circulation and distribution of the heated air, not for the heating of the air itself.

The compressor and condenser of you split central heating system are located outdoors, and the air handler is stored inside. The indoor and outdoor components are connected and must work with one another to heat your home. Once air has been heated by the outdoor unit it is fed into the air handler, which then handles the task of distributing that air throughout your home.

For more information about the air handler that your split central heating system uses to evenly, effectively heat your Washington DC home, just call the heating professionals at Service Doctors. We are extensively trained and fully certified to handle any home heating installation, maintenance and repair services that you may need. We also have the answers to any questions that you may still have about the operation of your air handler or other home heating components. Contact us today to schedule service.