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Having Problems with your Heat Pump?

In an ever more energy conscious economy, heat pumps have grown very popular. These reliable and affordable devices are designed to both heat and cool without consuming fuel like a furnace. For most families in moderate or warm climates, they offer enough capacity to keep everyone warm through the fall and winter. But if something goes wrong and the heat pump stops working for any reason, you need someone who can fix it quickly and ensure you have heat when you need it most.

For the best and most reliable heat pump repair service in the Washington, DC area, call Service Doctors today. With years of experience working on heat pumps of all types, our technicians have the skills needed to inspect and repair your heat pump quickly and efficiently.

Heat Pump Problems

The technology in a heat pump is very similar to that of an air conditioner. It has a compressor that compresses a coolant gas into a liquid that is then circulated through a series of coils to extract heat from one environment and distribute it into another. During the summer months, it removes heat from inside your home and distributes the cooled air through ducts to keep you comfortable. During winter months, it extracts heat from outdoor air and transfers it into your home through those same ducts.

Because your heat pump operates year–round, the parts are prone to wear and tear, which means over time you will need to call for repairs occasionally.

Heat Pump Repair Services

It’s important to watch for some common warning signs that indicate the need for repairs for your heat pump. The first sign that there is a problem with your heat pump is an increased energy bill. Because your heat pump only consumes electricity, you must pay close attention not just to the total amount of you bill, but to the actual KwH consumption rate. If it suddenly increases, a large appliance like your heat pump is likely to blame.

Another common problem is a decrease in your heat pump’s heating or cooling capacity. If certain rooms in your home are not receiving as much warm or cool air through the duct system as other rooms, you should have your heat pump inspected immediately. This can be a symptom of a variety of problems from a blocked vent somewhere to a dying compressor.

A heat pump can also freeze over if it is overworked. This can happen during either the winter or summer months and can be avoided by keeping debris away from the outside unit. If your heat pump starts to freeze over or gets clogged often, it may be a more severe problem in the condensate drain or coil, so you should call for professional service right away.

Heat Pump Repair Technicians

If you live in the Washington D.C. area and your heat pump is not working properly, call Service Doctors today. Our highly trained heat pump technicians have years of experience finding the root cause of problems like uneven heating, high energy consumption or frequent freezing. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse – call us today and have your heat pump fixed now.