Installing Thermostats

If you are having a new air conditioning system installed in your home, it will definitely include some type of thermostat. Even single window units often have a built–in thermostat that governs their performance. For larger systems, such as ductless mini splits or central air conditioning, the thermostat obviously plays a much bigger role. Beyond just simply controlling the temperature of your home, a thermostat can play a big role in making your air conditioning system as efficient as possible, which saves energy and money.

Therefore, it behooves you to have a thermostat that is high quality, easy to use and properly installed. For years, Service Doctors has made sure that homeowners in the Washington, DC area get a thermostat that meets these requirements. Our primary goal is to help you precisely control the temperature inside your home to avoid the overwhelming heat of summer, while saving you money by maximizing your AC’s efficiency.

Did you know that certain thermostats work better with some heating and cooling systems than others? If you are getting a programmable thermostat and you have a heat pump, your system will work best if you get a thermostat with multistage functions to maximize energy efficiency.  While your thermostat might seem like an afterthought, it actually does have a lot to do with the effectiveness your heating and air conditioning system. If you are not sure what type of thermostat will work best with your equipment, give us a call today!

Digital Thermostats

When you think of a thermostat, you may think of those older dial models, the ones where you turn the plastic wheel and the needle moves. While these used to be the industry standard, they have limited features when compared to the vast array of options available now.

For the best precision and efficiency available today, a digital thermostat is the way to go. Digital thermostats have a number of advantages over their analog predecessors. For one, the temperature readings are more precise and displayed more clearly on the digital screen. Their real power, however, lies in their ability to be programmed.

By programming your digital thermostat, you can set it to automatically adjust the target temperature of your home up and down at various times of the day. That means that during the day, when everyone is away at work or school, you won’t be wasting money while your air conditioner or heater runs to maintain the temperature. At around 5 o’clock, or whenever your family starts arriving home, it can automatically kick the heating or AC back on. It saves money and keeps your home comfortable with minimal effort on your part.

Wired Thermostats

The conventional means of thermostat control is to wire the unit directly into the HVAC system. While this is simple and effective, it limits the number of panels you can have in your home, as well as your options for where the panels can be.

A newer innovation on this front is wireless thermostats. These panels do not require a direct, hard connection to the air conditioning or heating system, so they can be located virtually anywhere. Even better, you can have several panels around the house, so there’s always one conveniently at hand when you need it. Wireless units can accomplish all this without sacrificing precision, which often makes them the best choice when installing a new thermostat.

New Thermostat Installation

Even if you are not installing a new air conditioning or heating system, you may decide to get a thermostat upgrade anyway. The added efficiency, convenience and savings are often enough of a benefit to justify the decision, and the upgrade is not very costly.

Professional installation is preferred for a new thermostat, no matter what type. Wired models need to be carefully attached to the system, wireless models need to be adjusted properly in order to sync right and every thermostat needs to be properly calibrated upon installation.

If you live anywhere in the Washington D.C. area, let Service Doctors handle your thermostat installation for you. We have a range of thermostat options and with years of experience in the trade, we can handle any type of installation. Our skilled technicians can even help you program a new digital thermostat, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting the temperature in your house anymore.