Washington Heating Tip: What Condition Are Your Air Ducts In?

//Washington Heating Tip: What Condition Are Your Air Ducts In?

Washington Heating Tip: What Condition Are Your Air Ducts In?

Do you know what condition your air ducts are in? The Washington heating professionals at Service Doctors can assess your ductwork with a comprehensive heating tune-up. We will give you an honest assessment. Here are some reasons to be pay attention to the conditions of your ductwork.

  • When you retrofit or replace a gas heating system, the ductwork should be checked. Air leaks in the ductwork will waste energy and cause your new system to work harder than it needs to.  If you install a high-efficiency furnace, you won’t get the most out of your energy savings if you have damaged or leaky air ducts.
  • During the combustion process, there are harmful waste gases that should be vented properly so that they do not leak inside your air ducts and into the living spaces of your home. Routine maintenance also provides an opportunity to ensure that your gas heating system is properly ventilated.
  • While the ductwork in your home is an important part of energy efficiency and the function of your heating system, it also affects indoor air quality. The air from your heating system is distributed throughout your home, so dirty ducts can affect the air quality throughout the entire house.

If your ducts have holes, loose joints, cracks, or other damages, you could be losing money in energy waste and putting your indoor air quality at risk. Call the Washington heating experts at Service Doctors for all your ductwork needs!


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