Bethesda Plumbing FAQ: What Can I Do to Avoid Clogged Drains

//Bethesda Plumbing FAQ: What Can I Do to Avoid Clogged Drains

Bethesda Plumbing FAQ: What Can I Do to Avoid Clogged Drains

Avoiding clogged drains in your Bethesda home is easy with routine maintenance and some other easy tasks. Doing this can help avoid plumbing repairs and save you money and a lot of headache in the long run. While you should call Service Doctors to schedule routine tune-ups and drain cleaning, there here are some common problems that cause clogs and how to avoid them.

Backed Up Toilets

Does your toilet back up or overflow often? Clogged toilets could be a warning sight that there is a larger plumbing problem or a clog deeper in the drain line. This is when you should call a professional plumber. However, you can avoid this by not flushing items that could cause a clog, such as cat litter, paper towels, feminine products. Call one of our Bethesda plumbers if your toilets are consistently backing up.

Kitchen Sink Clog

Even if you have a garbage disposal, make sure you don’t put any grease or cooking oil down your drains or in the disposal. Grease clogs are a common cause of kitchen sinks backing up or slow drains. You can also purchase drain covers to ensure that any solid food waste doesn’t go down the drain and cause a clog. While it may be tempting to use a chemical drain cleaner, avoid these and instead hire a plumber or use natural cleaning products. Sometimes a kitchen sink punger can help, but it’s best to avoid washing down anything that could clog the drain line.

Bathroom Sink and Shower Drains

Mesh hair catchers are a great way to keep hair and bits of soap out of your bathroom drains. Hair and soap scum are common causes of clogs. Even if you take all the right steps to avoid clogs, be sure to schedule a professional drain cleaning. There are safe and effective drain cleaning methods, and your plumber will know which one is best for your situation.

If you have any sort of plumbing emergency, call the Bethesda plumbers at Service Doctors for fast plumbing repair service.


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