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Serving Montgomery & Prince George's Counties, Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Air Conditioning System Repair

When you think about it, modern air conditioners are really pretty amazing pieces of equipment. With just the push of a button, the flip of a switch or a tiny adjustment on a thermostat, they effortlessly keep our homes comfortably cool, so that we don’t have to suffer through the stuffy summer months. But over time they all have the potential to breakdown or have problems that require professional attention.

Maintenance is great, and it helps prevent the need for air conditioning system repairs, but as systems age, problems will still arise. It’s obviously not cost effective to replace your air conditioning system whenever it has a problem, so somewhere down the line you’ll find yourself in need of a professional to repair your AC, and it’s important that you act fast.

At Service Doctors, we have a track record of prompt, Air conditioning repair service, so more people in the Washington, DC area and Virginia, now call us for all of their AC repair needs. No air conditioner problem is too large and our licensed technicians and they’re trained to work on systems of all types, shapes and sizes.

Washington DC Air Conditioning Tip

When you have an air conditioning technician come to your home, it’s very helpful if you have the following information: the age of the system, the brand, the last time your unit was serviced, when the problem started, and anything unusual that you noticed. Any information you can give will make diagnosing and repairing your air conditioning system easier! Call us today if you need any air conditioning repair in the Washington DC area!

Air Conditioning Problems

If you get to the point where your whole air conditioning system grinds to a halt and won’t even run, it’s pretty clear there’s something wrong. You would probably like to identify emerging problems and address them before the situation reaches this point, though. A whole system breakdown usually starts as some smaller, readily identifiable problem earlier on.

What kind of warning signs should you be aware of? First of all, pay attention to how often your air conditioner is running. If it has to be on longer or more frequently in order to keep your house at the same comfortable temperature you’re used to, then something may be wrong. This is a sign that your air conditioning system is losing efficiency, an issue that repairs could resolve. Look at your monthly electric bills for further evidence. If they are rising or higher than usual, air conditioner efficiency loss could be the problem.

While you are paying attention to how much your air conditioner is running, also listen to how loud it is. Because of the compressor and fans, all air conditioners will make some level of noise. If yours is making more noise than usual recently, that is a possible warning sign that something is going wrong. Any time a major appliance makes more noise or unusual noises, call a professional for inspection right away.

Fast AC Repairs

Upon identifying any of these warning signs, or any other suspicion that your air conditioning system may be in need of repairs, it is very important to have it serviced by a licensed professional technician right away.

When small operational problems are allowed to linger with equipment like an air conditioning system, you can be sure they’ll get worse with time. Not only will it affect performance and make your house less comfortable, you’re likely to see a considerable increase in your energy bills. Plus, what was once a small problem that could have been resolved with a simple repair can turn into a much bigger, more extensive job, sometimes even necessitating a full system replacement.

Now you know the warning signs of an air conditioning system that is acting up, and you know the importance of getting these signs inspected right away. The last step is knowing who to call for air conditioning system repairs. You need someone who will be prompt, professional and get the job done right.

For that type of service, you can’t go wrong when you call Service Doctors. Our expert AC technicians have years of experience handling air conditioning system repairs all over the Washington D.C. area, so they can have your system back up and running in no time.