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Modern families spend quite a bit of time in their kitchens. Some of that time is spent cooking and eating, some of it cleaning, and the rest of it relaxing and discussing the day. But, one thing remains true throughout it all – a kitchen is only as good as the plumbing system it utilizes. You need a kitchen that has the amenities and conveniences to make your life easier and you need fixtures to work as they were designed to, so it’s important to have an expert plumber on call in the event there’s ever a problem.

For professional kitchen plumbing services in the Washington, DC area, call the experts at Service Doctors. Whether you need a new sink installed, a garbage disposal replaced or the water line to your ice–making refrigerator checked, know that our kitchen plumbers have the training and years of experience needed to quickly identify any problem and get it fixed quickly.

Kitchen Plumbing Problems

The following items are among the more common kitchen plumbing problems you may face:

  • Leaking Faucet – A leaking or dripping faucet can be caused by a number of things. The most common cause of a leaky faucet is a loose washer or sediment clog in the fixture. A plumber can fix this by taking the fixture apart and cleaning it thoroughly, replacing any old parts.
  • Clogged Garbage Disposal – If your garbage disposal stops working or gets clogged, it’s often due to a clog or a mechanical problem in the disposal. Either way, garbage disposals should never be worked on unless they’re off and completely unplugged. If you cannot unclog it by flushing hot water and vinegar down the drain, call a professional.
  • Water Pressure – Low water pressure in your kitchen sink or dishwasher can be due to a number of things, including sediment build up in your pipes or a leak somewhere in the supply pipes.
  • Foul Odors – Foul odors are frequently due to a dried up sink trap which can often be fixed by running water down the drain. However, you may also notice a foul odor in the water, which can be due to buildup of hydrogen sulfide gas. If this happens, call a professional to test your water for contaminants.

Problems in your kitchen are less common than in your bathroom, but they do occur. Regular maintenance can stop most issues from developing, but if you notice a drip, leak, or strange smell, call a professional right away.

Kitchen Appliances & Plumbing

Another common reason to call a plumber for service in the kitchen is the installation of a new fixture. If you want to have a new dishwasher or garbage disposal installed, you need to hire a professional to perform the job. There’s a high risk of damage to your fixtures or pipes if you attempt to work on kitchen plumbing fixtures without the proper training.

For kitchen plumbing service in the Washington D.C. area call the experts at Service Doctors. Our track record of providing high quality kitchen plumbing repairs, replacements and installations is why so many homeowners call us for all of their kitchen plumbing needs.