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Plumbing Repair Services

When something goes wrong in your plumbing, you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that whoever you call will get it fixed fast and correctly. Whether it’s a leaky faucet, a clogged toilet, or a massive puddle of water pooling on your front lawn from a burst pipe, nearly all plumbing issues should be considered urgent.

For fast and professional plumbing repair services in the Washington, DC area, call Service Doctors today. Our plumbers are trained to repair plumbing components and systems of all shapes and sizes so you can be confident they’ll quickly have your system back up and running as it was designed to.

Get into the habit of checking your water meter every three months. First, make sure there are no sinks, toilets, ice makers or other appliances running. The smallest dial on the face of the meter is the low flow indicator which rotates whenever water is flowing through the meter. It should be completely motionless. If it’s not, and you’ve got all the appliances shut off, then you could have a small leak somewhere inside the house.

Plumbing Problems

There are a number of ways to catch problems in your home’s plumbing. The most common source of concern is when you notice your water bill start to climb suddenly. For those with quarterly or bimonthly water billing, make sure to inspect your water meter regularly. If you notice a sudden spike in the amount of water being consumed by your household, there’s a good chance you’ve got a leak.

Other common signs of leaks or problems include slow drainage or bubbling from your drains. You may also notice a noxious odor emanating from your drains or pools of water in your yard. These are all signs of clogs or leaks in your sewer or drain lines and should be inspected immediately before a full burst occurs.

Timeliness is key when it comes to resolving plumbing problems. Call a professional plumber for inspection the moment you suspect a problem. Don’t wait until you’ve got burst pipes, massive spouting leaks or broken appliances to address plumbing issues. Most plumbing repairs are made to systems well before things get that out of hand – but you need to call someone in early to catch them.

Plumbing Repair Service

The first thing we’ll do when we arrive at your home is perform a thorough inspection. There may be water pooling in your garage, but the actual leak could be anywhere. Your plumber will check the water pressure at each faucet and at the main water line. They will inspect your sewage and drain lines if necessary and check for corrosion, wear or possible breaks in the joints between your home’s pipes.

Only then can your plumber determine what the problem is and what the best solution will be. Whether you’re just tired of hearing a loose faucet dripping or you’ve got sludge building up on your property due to an unidentified leak, call the plumbing repair experts at Service Doctors today. Whatever your needs, whatever the time of day, we have experienced plumbers on staff to fix the problem immediately.

If you live in the Washington D.C. area and need a professional to visit your home and inspect your plumbing, our technicians are standing by, ready to come to your home and quickly diagnose and resolve any issues you might be experiencing.