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Without access to hot water, bathing and cleaning your home and dishes would be a major inconvenience. So, whether you suspect a problem with your hot water tank or if you need a new one and want to be make sure it get properly installed, you need a professional you can trust to get the job done right.

For professional tank hot water heater installation, maintenance and repair services in the Washington, DC area, call Service Doctors today. Our highly trained technicians have been servicing and replacing hot water tanks in the region for years, so you can be sure we have the experience needed to tackle any job.

Hot Water Tank Installation

A good hot water tank is energy efficient, fits well in the space you have available, and provides ample hot water for your home. It might seem simple enough, but careful measurements need to be taken to ensure the tank you install will fit your needs. Too large of a tank and you spend a lot of extra money heating water you don’t ever use, but too small and you’ll never have enough hot water.

Our water heater experts will measure the peak hot water usage for your home and provide you with a list of options that fit your needs. Whether you need a gas, electric or oil hot water tank, we have a full range of the best brands and devices on the market to choose from.

Hot Water Tank Repair

If your hot water tank suddenly stops working, doesn’t provide enough hot water for your needs or is making strange sounds, it’s clearly in need of repair. Don’t wait to call because a hot water tank can quickly go from needing simple repairs to needing to be replaced, if ignored.

Our technicians will inspect your hot water tank and determine what the problem is. Whether you have a simple electric model or an advanced, energy efficient gas model, our experts have the training and experience needed to resolve any problem you might have.

Hot Water Tank Maintenance

The easiest way to ensure your tank hot water heater doesn’t breakdown is to have it inspected and serviced each year, preferably when your plumbing or boiler are inspected. Regular hot water tank maintenance is usually pretty straightforward, but it does allow our technician to pinpoint potential problems and ensure they don’t persist and become a bigger issue over time.

Simple issues like replacing heating elements or sensors or calibrating the pilot light can all be fixed before they affect your comfort. If your hot water tank is starting to show signs of its age, you’ll know well in advance if it’s nearing time to replace your hot water heater.

Hot Water Tank Contractors

Whatever your hot water needs, know that Service Doctors is the company to call in the Washington D.C. area. From new water heater installation services to annual maintenance or emergency repairs, we offer a complete line of services designed to ensure you have access to an ample supply of hot water at all times.