Washington Heating Guide: Most Common Heating Repairs

//Washington Heating Guide: Most Common Heating Repairs

Washington Heating Guide: Most Common Heating Repairs

Whether your home heating system runs on gas, oil, or electricity, by heat pump, furnace or boiler, there comes a time when it requires professional repair. The only way to receive quality professional care is to contact your local professional technician. Service Doctors’ Washington heating repair experts are available to speak with you today. Please give us a call.

Depending upon the fuel source, ductwork (or lack thereof), and distribution system, your heating system may suffer damage or general wear and tear in various ways. There are, however, some common heating repairs worth noting here.

Inspecting for a potential heating repair requires that the technician look closely at:

  • The fuel source line, where the gas or oil enters from its source into the furnace or boiler
  • The shut off valve, which controls the fuel supply
  • The pilot light or electric ignition
  • The burner
  • The heat exchanger
  • The blower and fans
  • The air filters
  • The ducts
  • The flue

A common problem that homeowners see is that the furnace shuts off before ignition, which can be caused by your thermocouple detecting a fault in the system, and may need professional replacement or repair. Dealing with your heating system is no small task and must be left to the pros. If your heating system is not operating efficiently or effectively, or if you notice that it heats unevenly, or if your fuel bill increases dramatically from one month to the next, you may need to call a heating repair technician.

Heating repair begins with preventive maintenance. Scheduling a routine service plan gives you confidence in your Washington heating system and can help to avoid major system faults. Don’t place your heating system at risk this winter. By calling a Service Doctors technician today, you can prevent substantial repair costs later.


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