Common Causes of Plumbing Backups in Arlington

//Common Causes of Plumbing Backups in Arlington

Common Causes of Plumbing Backups in Arlington

Do you have a backup in the plumbing system of your Arlington home? Call the plumbers at Service Doctors before you do anything else. A lot of DIY fixes are temporary, and a professional plumber will be able to determine if there are larger issues.

Here are some of the causes of plumbing backups:

Leaking Pipe

While it may not seem like the actual cause, a leaking pipe is a sign that there could be a clog or backup. Many times, a clog in the sewer line will cause the water pressure to increase and put stress on already weak points in the pipe. If you have water leaking from a joint, for instance, you could have a clog somewhere near that joint. There could also be a clog deeper in the line, and calling a professional plumber for help is the only true way to know what is causing it.

Tree Root Intrusion

A broken water line or sewer line could be caused by tree roots that have broken into the line. Tree roots naturally seek the nearest water source, so it is a common problem to see tree roots causing the issue. Some warning signs for this are a decrease in water pressure, sudden and unexplained flooding in your yard, or a recent spike in your water bills. If you suspect a broken water or sewer line, call a plumber. There could be a minor issue, but you don’t want to wait until gets worse and turns into an expensive repair.


A blockage in your plumbing system could be caused by a number of issues. The main thing to remember is not to panic and to call a plumber. Keep in mind that plunging doesn’t always fix the root of the problem, and putting drain cleaners or harsh chemicals down your toilet can cause damage to the system.

Call the Arlington plumbers at Service Doctors for all your plumbing needs.


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