Washington, D.C. Heating Question: How Does an Air Handler Work?

//Washington, D.C. Heating Question: How Does an Air Handler Work?

Washington, D.C. Heating Question: How Does an Air Handler Work?

There are central heating systems in homes all over the country. Central heating systems have long been one of the most popular home heating methods available thanks to their various fuel options, efficiency and effectiveness. Many homeowners, though, even those that have always used a central heating system to heat their homes, are not very familiar with the operation of their heaters or their basic components. At Service Doctors we believe that homeowners should have a general idea of how their central heating systems operate.

We have some information to share with you about an important part of your home heating system called the air handler. The more you know about your heating system the more likely you are to recognize a problem with it and operate it responsibly. Take a few moments to learn a little more about the air handler in your Washington, D.C. home.

An air handler looks a lot like a furnace, and they serve very similar purposes. Both a furnace and an air handler are responsible for the circulation and distribution of conditioned air throughout your home. In order to accomplish this goal both furnaces and air handlers use an air duct system.

The big difference between an air handler and a furnace is that a furnace actually produces the heat that it circulates. A burner works with a heat exchanger to create heated air, and that air is sent through the air ducts throughout the house by the blower in the furnace. An air handler, on the other hand, only circulates and distributes the air.

In a split central heating system the compressor and other noises components are outside. They are connected to the air handler, which is stored indoors. When air is heated or cooled it is sent to the air handler. From there the air handler will send the conditioned air to the ductwork system and throughout your home.

If you have any further questions about air handlers or their operation feel, free to contact the home heating and cooling experts at Service Doctors. We are always happy to help homeowners better understand their home comfort systems and equipment. Let us know if you need any help making your home in Washington, D.C. a more comfortable place to live.


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