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Replacing Your Air Conditioner

Replacing your air conditioner can be a real pain for homeowners. The costs, the disruption to your normal routine, having workers in your home for who knows how long and the inconvenience of being without AC all combine to make the whole experience a rather stressful undertaking.

Eventually every air conditioner will need to be replaced, and when that time comes, you’ll want to have a local professional on call to help you review your options and then have your new system installed quickly. For AC replacement services in the Washington, DC area, look no further than the contractors at Service Doctors. We have years of experience replacing air conditioning systems in the region, so put your mind at ease and let us take care of everything.

Air conditioning systems that you can buy today are much more efficient than those made in the past, and many have great energy saving features. For example, you can get an AC which has the fan turn off a little after the compressor, which makes sure any residual cool air is circulated throughout your home. For more information about features you can get in your new air conditioning system, give Service Doctors a call today!

When to Replace Your AC

There are several reasons why you might need to replace your old air conditioning system, but the following are among the more common we see:

  • The old system is worn out or breaking down often. There comes a point when it no longer makes sense to spend so much on repairs, and it would be better to just replace the whole thing than continue to get it fixed.
  • Saving on energy bills with a more efficient system. Today’s air conditioning systems have gotten so efficient that even after the cost of buying and installing a new system, you still wind up saving money in the long run because of the lower energy usage.
  • Upgrading from a smaller system to one with larger capacity. Maybe your old window unit isn’t cutting it anymore and you want central air conditioning so you can keep the whole house comfortable with a thermostat. Or maybe you just remodeled and added on a new room and need a larger system to compensate for the extra space. Either way, it’s probably time for air conditioning system replacement.

These are just a few common situations in which replacement is usually the best option. Whether you’re in one of the situations outline above or you’re considering replacement for another reason all together, it’s important to approach it in the right way.

New AC System Options

While starting an AC replacement project is something most homeowners dread, it’s important to remember that this process does present a few positive opportunities. Primarily, you get to decide whether you want to stick with the same type of configuration you used to have, or change to something new that might suit your needs better.

If you opt to upgrade or just get something new, you have perfect opportunity to get exactly what your family needs. Maybe your central air conditioning system was great for the first few years, but after adding on a bedroom as your family grew, you found it couldn’t keep up. Now is the perfect time to have the unit replaced with one that has a higher capacity and can keep your larger house comfortable for the whole family.

Air Conditioning Replacement Contractors

No matter what the circumstances surrounding your air conditioning replacement, it’s always important to put the expertise of a professional to work for you. Replacing your system properly the first time will save you money over the long term because your system won’t be as prone to problems that can crop up if it was installed by the neighborhood handyman instead of an experienced technician.

For expert air conditioner replacement services in the Washington D.C. area, call the licensed HVAC contractors at Service Doctors today. No replacement job is too large or too small. When you want the job done right and right away, our AC replacement techs are second to none.