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Fixing Your Furnace

Your furnace keeps you and your family warm through the coldest weather of the winter each year. That means it needs to work properly through whatever Mother Nature can dish out. So, if you notice your furnace is no longer working properly, it is important to call for expert service as soon as possible.

Service Doctors is the furnace repair company trusted by more homeowners in the Washington, DC area. Whatever the problem is, call us today to learn more about our services and to set up an appointment for repair.

Furnace Problems

Your furnace is a complex piece of machinery with a number of moving parts, any one of which can stop working due to a variety of issues. Understanding how your furnace works can go a long way in helping you understand problems with its regular operation and the parts that may causing trouble.

When the temperature drops below the temperature set on the thermostat, your furnace turns on. The inducer fan begins to pull air through the unit to ensure there is enough air for proper combustion. Once the air flow is sufficient, the gas valve opens and the burners ignite. If there is an electronic ignition, at this point, it will spark and light the gas as it enters the chamber. The furnace has sensors that react when the flame in the burners is lit and two minutes later, the blower starts. The delay is important to avoid blowing cold air through your ducts.

A few moments later the air is blown through a heat exchanger and then distributed to the duct system where it can be distributed throughout your home. Once the thermostat temperature is reached, the gas valve closes and the blower runs for another couple minutes to cool the heat exchanger and shut down the furnace.

Furnace Services

There are a number of moving parts in this configuration. The gas valve, the thermostat, the ignition, the blower fan, and the heat exchanger among many others. So, if any one of these components stops working as intended, it can have an immediate and negative effect on the rest of your furnace and heating system. If you notice your furnace suddenly does not heat your home effectively or that cool air is blowing through the ducts, there may be a problem with one of the components listed above.

Common warning signs you should watch for include insufficient heating to your entire home, uneven heating to different rooms in your home, a sudden increase in your energy consumption, strange noises in the furnace – such as a banging or grinding – or any periods of time when the furnace fails to turn on or heat at all.

These are all signs of one or more components failing to execute their role in the combustion and distribution process to heat your home.

Home Furnace Repair Service

If you experience any of these issues, it’s important to call a professional as soon as possible, before the problem gets worse. If you live in the Washington D.C. area, Service Doctors is the company to call for immediate, expert service on your furnace. With years of experience and highly trained technicians, we can have your furnace back in operation very quickly.