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Do You Need Heat Pump Replacement?

If your home has a heat pump installed, you already know how efficient these devices can be and the level of savings they offer over a traditional furnace or boiler. So, if your heat pump is no longer able to keep your home warm during the coldest part of winter, you want to quickly find a replacement that will continue to keep your bills low and your family comfortable.

To help you find the perfect replacement and to ensure the device is properly installed and maintained in the future, call Service Doctors. Our trained Washington, DC area heat pump technicians have years of experience analyzing the needs of homes like yours for replacement units and performing the replacement procedure quickly and efficiently.

Replacing Your Heat Pump

There is a very big difference between a heat pump that needs a repair visit and one that should be replaced. Here are some signs to watch for before calling one of our technicians to inspect your existing heat pump.

The most common sign that your heat pump is no longer working properly is that it will not keep your home warm in the winter or cool in the summer. Alternatively, you may notice an unexplained increase in your bills as your heat pump uses more energy to maintain comfortable temperatures. While this can sometimes be fixed by replacing a component in the device, if it becomes a chronic problem, replacement is almost always a more logical and affordable option in the long run.

If a major component like the compressor breaks, many times it is advisable to consider a replacement as well. While the fan motor, blower belt, or indoor coil can be replaced relatively easily at a low cost, the compressor is the most complex and expensive component in a heat pump.

Frequent Heat Pump Repairs

The biggest sign that your heat pump may need to be replaced is that you call for repairs frequently. While a single repair visit once every few months is not uncommon for an older heat pump, constant calls to your technician mean the device is on its last legs.

More than that, a device that frequently breaks often costs a lot more money to run because it problem has to work harder to provide the heating and cooling you need. While replacement is always a greater expense than a repair visit, it’s important to consider the long term savings of a replacement.

If you have an older device you should know that newer heat pumps currently on the market have significantly higher efficiency ratings. Not only will you eliminate the need for all of those repair visits – you will get a new device that naturally needs much less energy to operate. Additionally, newer heat pump models are capable of heating at much lower temperatures, meaning your supplemental heat source (often a small furnace or boiler) will be used less often, saving you even more money.

Heat Pump Replacement Services

If you’re ready for a new heat pump because you’re tired of constant repair visits or you simply want to know what options are available, it’s time to call Service Doctors. Our technicians have years of experience in heat pump replacement services working with homeowners in the Washington D.C and Virginia area and we can assist you in selecting a new heat pump that will meet your home comfort needs while lowering your monthly energy bills.