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Geothermal Systems

One of the biggest developments in home HVAC in the last few years is geothermal heating and cooling installation Virginia. The ability to extract heat from the ground, transfer that energy into air that is circulated through your home, and then run the system in reverse in the summer, allows homeowners to save tremendous amounts of money on their energy bills throughout the year. Despite the durability of these systems, since they operate year–round, at various times they will eventually need repair.

Because your geothermal system is critical to your year–round home comfort, you need to call the geothermal repair experts at Service Doctors at the first sign of a problem. We can quickly diagnose and repair any geothermal system Issue and also system maintenance services in Virginia,  Washington, DC area home, ensuring you’re not without temperature control for long and that you’ll always have readily available heat and AC whenever you need it most.

Geothermal Problems

Most geothermal systems work relatively smoothly and should be consistent from one day to the next. If you notice a sudden hiccup in the heating or cooling provided by your system, it’s likely a small issue, but it could quickly turn in to a major issue if left unchecked.

Sometimes horizontal loop systems struggle in extreme weather conditions. Pushing these systems to the limit adds to wear and tear which will eventually cause problems that require professional repairs. For those living in areas where the summer or winter climates are more extreme, it’s highly recommended that geothermal systems be backed up with more traditional HVAC solutions. That way home temperature control through geothermal is possible almost all of the time, but the backup system can be used during the hottest or coldest days of the year.

Geothermal Issue Warning Signs

Another warning sign to watch for is a sudden increase in your energy bills. While geothermal systems rely largely on renewable energy, electricity is still needed to operate the heat pump and air handler, albeit at much lower levels than would be necessary with a traditional furnace or boiler. That means, however, that if your electricity bills suddenly spike there is likely a problem.

Look for changes in your energy bill such as a sudden increase in the middle of otherwise mild weather or a sharp increase for one day or one week at a time – a sign that the system has some underlying issues.

Regular maintenance will often be enough to take care of these problems and keep your system running like new, but even a well maintained geothermal heat pump eventually needs to be replaced. Geothermal piping will last for decades, but the heat pump itself is only built to last 10–20 years. If you have an older system and you notice any unusual changes in your energy bills or issues with uneven, it may be time for a replacement. This is especially true if you find yourself calling for repairs often.

Geothermal Repair Technicians

When your system is in need of repair, make sure call the Washington D.C. area geothermal experts at Service Doctors. We provide our technicians with the best training and newest technology in the industry so they can offer you optimal service no matter what the problem is. Don’t spend another day wondering if your geothermal system can keep up with your heating and cooling needs. Call us today for immediate service and repair.