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What Are Zero Control Systems?

Traditional thermostats are great because they allow us to set a desired temperature and our heating and AC systems do the rest of the hard work keeping us comfortable in our homes. But, what are your options if, for example, you need one room, such as the kitchen, set to be a little cooler than other rooms in the house?

The solution is what is called a zone control system. Zone control systems allow you actually create different climate control zones within your home, so the temperature of each zone can be adjusted independently of the others. Think of it like the climate zones in a minivan or SUV, where each passenger can adjust his area to a temperature he or she likes.

If you live in the Washington, DC area, and you’re interested in learning more about how you can cut down on your energy bills while maximizing the comfort level in parts of your home, call Service Doctors today. Our licensed professionals, have years of experience setting up zone control systems in homes of all shapes and sizes all over the region so you can be sure we have the skills needed to complete the job quickly and correctly.

Zone Control Money–Saving Benefits

A zone control system can help you save money on your air conditioning costs. An HVAC system that controls temperatures in an entire home when you only want to heat or cool part of it obviously works harder than it should have to. That results in unnecessary wear on your system, which can shorten its life. A system that runs more than it should will lead to increased maintenance and repair costs and eventually result in you having to replace the whole system that much sooner. A zone control system minimizes this wear and tear, which can help you realize big savings.

Additionally, zone control can decrease the overall energy use of your home comfort system. By only cooling the zones where it is needed, a zone control system is able to optimize its energy use. By programming the zones on timers, you can further reduce energy waste. This lowers your monthly energy bills and is friendlier to the environment.

Precise Comfort Control

Saving money is nice, but the major reason you chose your high performance heating and air systems in the first place is to keep your home and family comfortable. A zone control system makes it even easier to do that. With the ability to design up to six different zones, the flexibility is incredible.

Now, your children can have their bedroom nice and warm, while you get to keep yours nice and cool, the way you like it. You can keep the usually chilly bathroom a few degrees warmer, but the stuffy kitchen a bit cooler.

Zone Control Experts

Once you’ve decided to go the zone control route you need to find an experienced installer so you can be sure that everything is set up properly and will function as it is designed to.

To have a new zone control system installed in your home, call the experts at Service Doctors. We have years of experience serving homes throughout the Washington D.C. area, and we pride ourselves on helping customers achieve the highest levels of home comfort while reducing their energy bills. We will assist you in choosing the system, handle the installation and show you how to control the temperature for the various zones in your home.